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This tutorial will show you how to make a PHOTOSHOP TATTOO on the body. It will take you through 10 simple steps that will teach you the basics of this process. You can use these techniques for placing tattoos anywhere on the body. It was created with Adobe Photoshop CS5(may be done with any other PS version). This tutorial was created by miguel.

Step 1

Sometimes the first thing that comes to our mind when applying a tattoo on a person’s body is to go search for other real tattooed bodies and try to cut out the tattoos and add them to your creation. This is a big mistake. The first thing we must do is to search for the tattoo design on a white background. Such as the one you see below. The main point is to be able to cut the tattoo out quickly and effectively.

Step 2

Now, place the tattoo image over the part of the body you’re going to work on. Depending on the original position of your character and tattoo design, you may need to transform the tattoo to the proper position. To do so with a fast shortcut, just select the tattoo design and press ctril+t. This way you can spin it as much as you want. Once the image is in place, just press enter.

Step 3

Now that you have the tattoo positioned in the desired spot, set the tattoo layer blending mode to Multiply, this will get rid of the white background and leave you with the tattoo design  as shown in the image.

Step 4

Now so we can start to erase the undesired parts of the tattoo, we will add a layer mask to the tattoo layer.

Step 5

With a soft brush at 10% opacity, erase the undesired tattoo parts as shown in the image. Since we are using a layer mask to erase the tattoo there is no problem if you erase too much because you can always bring back what you erased.

Step 6

Step 7

Now, that you have completed these easy steps to apply one tattoo. Continue to add the rest of the tattoos and follow the same steps above for each tattoo.

Step 8

In many cases the tattoo colors are off and the overall image may look awkward. A fast and simple way to fix this is to lower the Opacity of the tattoo layers to about 75%. We used a lot of tattoos here and it would been a pain to do this to each layer. So, all you have to do is group all the tatoo layers together by selecting all the layers and press ctrl+g. Then whatever you do to the group will automatically alter all the layers.

Step 9

For the final touch, lower the saturation to -35. Just go to the Adjustment panels and select the Hue/Saturation option. The vibrant colors of the tattoo’s will not be as strong and the overall image will look more realistic.

Step 10

Finished! I hope you enjoyed this PHOTOSHOP TATTOO tutorial. Lastly, do not forget to subscribe and follow us on TWITTER.

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